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Bradley Emergency Services Consulting, LLC

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Equipment & Supplies

We carry a wide range of safety & emergency products to suit a variety of budgets and needs. Please call for more information on products, current promotions, custom options and demos.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) & Supplies

We carry a wide array of AEDs and supplies. Do not get caught in an emergency without an AED. Purchase one today, it could mean the difference between life & death!

We have a large selection of emergency response, first aid, pet first aid & OSHA approved industry safety kits available!

AED Supplies and More!

The Bradley Team is ready to get you supplied and continue to supply you, and your facility with all that is needed for a successful AED program.

Our products are the best in the industry and can be shipped directly to you usually within 2 days of receipt of order. All of our HeartSine products are official items that will work with your HeartSine AED unit.

None of our items are remanufactured in any manner. For more accurate information on your request please contact us prior to your order so that we may provide you exactly with what you need.

These are some of our most popular items with our customers.

For billing and acceptance of terms for payment please contact us.

BESC is a premier distributor of HeartSine AEDs!

HeartSine® Technologies debuts the first and only FDA-cleared Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to provide real-time verbal and visual feedback on the rate of CPR compressions. The HeartSine samaritan® PAD 450P (SAM 450P) with integrated CPR Rate Advisor™ provides real-time CPR rate feedback that guides the rescuer through the critical chain of survival during a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) resuscitation and delivers a shock when necessary.

While some SCA victims benefit from the delivery of a shock, effective CPR with minimum interruption will maximize the chances of a positive outcome for virtually every SCA victim. Using HeartSine’s proprietary ICG-based technology, the SAM 450P provides the rescuer with continuous real-time verbal prompts of “Push faster,” “Push slower,” or “Good speed” to help achieve the optimum rate of compressions as defined by the American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines for CPR. The SAM 450P also incorporates an intuitive LED-based visual feedback feature that operates in tandem with the verbal prompts enabling rescuers to operate in extra noisy environments.

Because it has the unique capability to detect CPR rate effectiveness via the standard electrode pads, the SAM 450P does not require any additional, expensive and time consuming assemblies associated with accelerometer- (or puck) based AEDs.

“With the growing importance of rate in the AHA CPR guidelines, we believe this new AED will help improve CPR efficacy and potentially increase the rate of survival among victims of SCA,” says Stephen Garrett, HeartSine’s Vice President of Sales for the Americas. “Verbal and visual feedback prompts not only guide the rescuer to provide the optimum rate of compressions, but reassure the rescuer in an otherwise highly stressful situation.”

The AHA CPR guidelines also recognize the need to keep interruptions during CPR to a minimum as another key element in the chain of survival during an SCA. Therefore, to maximize CPR fraction prior to and during CPR, the SAM 450P uses the signals detected through the electrode pads to prompt the rescuer to “Begin CPR” when compressions are not started or have stalled between shock decision cycles.

Following an SCA rescue with the SAM 450P, HeartSine’s free of charge event analysis software Saver EVO™ can be used to download event history through the integrated USB port. This data can be used to evaluate the rescuer’s effectiveness in achieving effective compression rate.

In addition to the highly touted CPR rate feedback capability, the SAM 450 offers the same great features as the other models in the samaritan PAD family:

Most Compact AED

Smallest and lightest FDA-cleared AED

Easy to Use

Simple two-button operation, with no lid to open and clear verbal and visual prompts simplify the user interface

Highest IP Rating

With the highest rating for water and dust ingress protection (IP56) of any FDA-cleared AED, the samaritan PAD is the most environmentally-rugged AED available on the market

One-Change Maintenance

All samaritan PAD devices use the same innovative Pad-Pak™ cartridge that houses both the battery and electrodes for the device. With a four-year life and a single expiration date, the proprietary Pad-Pak eliminates the need and reduces the costs to track and inventory two separate items, giving the samaritan PAD one of the lowest costs of ownership in the industry.


Adult Pad-Pac (patients less than 8yrs of age, 55lbs or 25kg) 4 year expiration date direct from HeartSine.

PRICE: $155.00

Pediatric Pad-Pac (patients 1-8 years of age, & greater than 55 lbs or 25kg) 4 year expiration from HeartSine.

PRICE: $180.00

Replacement Carry Case, bright yellow, with supply pouch.

PRICE: $ 55.00

HeartSine AED Rough Case for extreme weather or heavy industrial settings. This case comes in bright yellow or orange.

PRICE: $250.00

Wall bracket for HeartSine 350P AED units, that can mount on all flat wall surfaces and AED is exposed for optimal seeing. (BESC does not mount bracket)

PRICE: $ 150.00

AED Wall Cabinet for HeartSine AED units, clear rough plastic front for visibility, metal construction and durable, lite weight to hang on flat wall surfaces, bright white color w/ alarm audio when opened.

PRICE: $166.00 

AED Response Backpack This great product is built and designed for all HeartSine AED units. Keeping in mind the added response of your equipment with ample space for first aid kits and more. This is the response backpack that your community, school, business, Fire, Police, and EMS needs!

Price: $ 125.00

AED Wall Sign Triangular for mounting on side post or corner walls. Made of heavy plastic suitable for all weather conditions, bright white in color.

PRICE: $ 30.00