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Bradley Emergency Services Consulting, LLC

Emergency Kits, First Aid Kits, Pet First Aid Kits.....

We carry instock a wide range of emergency products to be ready in the event of an emergency or to save a life. BESC can also custom build many emergency/disaster kits for your needs.

Our first aid kits pictured here are for reference only, please call us for more information so that may assist you in obtaining the right first aid kit for you, your workplace, school or community.

Corporate Response Bag:

Our Corporate Response bag is suitable for the industrial setting, or office setting. Easy to use and weighs less than 10lbs. Bright red or orange colors are available and company name can be added for additional charge. These kits can be shipped equipped or empty. Please specify when ordering.

PRICE: $250.00

Quick Response Kit:

This is designed for either a small office or warehouse setting. Can also be used in medium school facilities or car. Kit comes fully stocked. Red only.

PRICE: $40.00

Industrial First Aid Kit:

This rugged "tackle box" design is for the industrial or construction trailer site. Made of heavy plastic material, it is suitable for all kinds of weather. Kit only comes in green and can be stocked or empty. No printing can be added to this product. Please call for certain details when ordering.oolbar.

PRICE: $200.00

Pet First Aid Kit:

Deigned for when we have our furry family friends with us on vacations or out for a ride. Kit comes fully stocked, and is endorsed by the National Vet Association. All proceeds from the purchase of these kits go to our local shelter.

PRICE: $45.00 

Heavy Industry First Aid/Disaster Response Kits:

These kits are available for BESC directly and are custom made to clients needs. BESC will meet with you and design a response kit for your facility.

Pricing starts at $200.00, please call for more information and schedule a meeting.

School First Aid Kits:

Our school first aids are the latest in helping render care to students. Can be used by anyone because it actually talks to you to help your provide care. Made of durable rough plastic material, suitable for all school settings. Packets are single design and re-orders can be placed with BESC. Please call for more information, kit size is determined on student ratio.

Kits start at: $50.00 and up.

More First Aid Kits coming soon to our site, keep a look out for the updates!

All first kits or response items must be paid in full to BESC prior to shipment. Orders are usually completed within 10 days shipped to you.