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Bradley Emergency Services Consulting, LLC

What did they Say?

Building a company to meet our customer's needs is what we do everyday. It's what we believe in to provide nothing but the best in training, development, and programs.

After every course, program, or any customer interaction we find out just how good we were among the competition. Here is just what is being said:

" What a company": The BESC people where able to help me the first time that I called. They got what I needed and gave us training that was great and saved me alot of money on fines. We work with no one else now on CPR and our AED issues.

"They mean Team": John and his team are just that, they all see to know just what the customer needs, even if you are talking with someone at Bradley for the first time. It amazed me that my call was returned the next day and we did not have endless emails on what I needed. I was at first not sure such a young company knew what I was needed but let me tell you they knew just what our entire RN staff needed. I can not say thank you enough and they are surely a team.

"Always": I made one call and the next day I met with John and Conor on some development issues. We had dealt with another company and they always seem to cancel a meeting of just want to talk on the phone. Not Conor, he scheduled a meeting and from there we will always use Bradley Consulting. Our new emergency management protocols are the best I ever seen in my 20 years here.

"Best Price": BESC had the best price in our training needs for CPR. We even at the end of all the training made arrangements for a safety walk-through and now will be working only with John. We use to use an on-line CPR class and what a difference we saw having a real instructor. John was great and took time with all of the staff on a Sunday!

"Products": I use to deal with 5 different people to get what I needed for my company. But since I started working with BES they are the only people I work with. I was in need of a first aid bag and from there we took a CPR class and they even provided us with OSHA training. Such a good bunch of people and when I went to meet with John, the office staff was pleasant and very professional. Kathleen in the front office was great!

"EMS Consulting": We called John one day after had worked with him many years ago when he was a volunteer EMT. Our squad was going through some hard times and we needed an outside look so we could see our flaws. I am ever so happy that I kept John ( and his company) in mind. We have hired him on as an independent consultant for us and the results within two months have been amazing. If you have issues with your organization this is the guy to call. His 25 years in EMS surely proves him to be one of if not the best in the field. Thank john ever so much!

"Consulting": I had reached out to BESC and within the first few minutes of speaking with them I knew this was our company. Saying that they were professional on every level does not even compare to how much more they were. After a great phone conversation, we scheduled a meeting to sign with them. After being in the EMS world for over 20 years, this is the company that you all need to work with from EMS training to all your organization consulting needs. They really do, do it all. Thanks so much BESC.

"CPR Training": We take a CPR program with the Bradley gang every year, and every year we learn something new. My café has been working with Bradley for the last 3 years and we are ever so happy with any of the instructors they send. We now work with them and offer community CPR programs on certain weeknights. Many times now they even hold their meeting here with potential clients! If you want the best this really is the people to go with.

"Certified for Sure": When we reached out to so many companies for our CPR training, we felt that they just were not right for us. After speaking with Brian, he had told us that they are both AHA and ASHI certified as well an accredited training center for ASHI, which made me feel much more comfortable working with them. It was by far the best class we ever had and we even purchased an AED because of the service. I can't wait to purchase a BESC shirt!

"OSHA Training": We contacted BESC on a very short notice needing to meet another clients mandate of confined space rescue. I am very happy to say that BESC meet all our needs and trained our staff in the utmost professional manner on such a short notice. They made sure they meet our exact training needs for our OSHA class. I am staying with these guys for all my OSHA requirements.